Pungo Kit, Burgundy

The kit includes 1 Pungo, 2 sealing pins, 1 insertion guide, 2 sealing caps, 1 three-lobe stopper, 1 screw-cap stopper.
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Leave the cork puller in the drawer, and the cork in the bottle. The Pungo pours wine through the cork via a double-chambered needle, displacing wine with an inert gas, thereby preventing any contact with oxygen. Wines under Pungo stay fresh for months and years. You can leave the Pungo on the bottle, or remove it to serve multiple wines at the same time. Upon removing the Pungo, insert a sealing pin in the cork, which compresses the cork along its length, creating the ultimate seal. 

Optionally, a sealing cap can be placed over the mouth of the bottle, creating another layer of protection. The sealing cap has a special aperature called a "tri-seal" that keeps inert gas from escaping when the Pungo is removed and the sealing pin inserted. These are recommended for long-term storage.

Pungo'ed and pinned bottles can be stored on their sides.

Built to last: Pungos are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and 304 stainless steel. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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